Artist Statement? WHIMSY!

Okay, I'll elaborate. I'm sure you've spotted all the pictures of Baby Me on my webpage... I firmly believe in the power of inner child work, of holding our little selves close in everything we do and being led by what brings them joy. My biggest anchor in life is following that thread of joy, of whimsy, of finding the things around me that make me giggle or generally go "Huh!" For example, today I saw my First Bee of Spring. I said hi to the bee and took a moment to think about how glad I was to see the First Bee of Spring. These moments are what I aim to capture in my work: those moments where we are blessedly taken out of the rat race for a quick sec and returned to the holy, silly wonder of life. Check out one of my new zines, Life's Minigames, to get a sense of what I'm talkin' about here. My mission as an artist is to honor Baby Me's sense of wonder, to capture the ideas and images that ground me and make me smile, and pass them onto you. I want to make you smile, giggle and go "Huh!" Thank you for being here with me!